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Discovery Science Camp 2011

Publicado el 18 agosto, 2011

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Con el objetivo de practicar su inglés, fomentar su espíritu científico, conocer Washington y divertirse mucho, 5 alumnos de Middle School del Liceo: Pablo Emilio Martínez Serna, Edgardo José Reyes Martínez, Oscar Villegas Rocha, Pedro Vela Padilla y Pablo Vela Padilla, viajaron a la capital de Estados Unidos para asistir a la prestigiosa escuela para varones “The Heights School”.

Acompañados por el profesor del Liceo e Instructor de Arawaks, Fernando Garza Santisteban, los del Liceo estuvieron viviendo, por 16 días, en una zona exclusiva de Washington Rockville para aprender más acerca de la cultura de nuestro vecino país.

A continuación los testimonios de los primeros días por parte del profesor Fernando Garza Santisteban.

Day 1 highlights

After a pleasant flight, we spent our Saturday going to Mass, swam at the Hotel’s pool and had dinner in an Italian restaurant. On Sunday, Andrew Reed, the Heights Middle School Principal, invited us to his house for brunch where we talked about many interesting places worth visiting. He and his wife were very nice to us and the students had a great time with their kids. That morning we went to Mass and then had lunch at the Old Post Office building and visited the National Museum of American History and some of the main monuments of the National Mall: the Washington monument and the White House.

Day 2 highlights

Today was our first day at the Discovery Science Camp; our students were divided in small groups so they could practice their spoken English… We had a great time at the Air and Space Museum, where the kids learned about the space career between US and Russia and how spaceships and airplanes work. After that, we had lunch at the museum and then watched a 3D IMAX movie called “Hubble 3D”, which explained the history of the Hubble telescope and the discoveries the scientists made thanks to the pictures it has taken. After the movie, our hosts from Washington went home and we continued to visit the Capitol Hill and the Union Train Station. We took the metro to get to the “Nationals Park”, where we watched the Washington Nationals´ and Atlanta Braves´ baseball game.

Day 3 highlights

It took us one hour drive to get to Baltimore Inner Harbor, where we visited the Maryland Science Center; it´s an incredible museum where you practically can touch anything. Among the things we saw, a very interesting one was the Planetarium show, where an astronomer used a big cupule screen to project the night sky, and we learned about constellations and how focus????? in the sky. At noon, we had lunch at the Harbor and returned to DC. In the afternoon, we went shopping to get the materials for an egg drop contest that The Heights teachers organized. We ended up our day, playing soccer with a group of students from that school and had a great time, after that we played soccer against some students from the school.

Day 5 highlights

Today we went to the National Zoo. One of the most interesting things we saw was the ape house. The apes were about 5 years old, so we found them playing between them, as if they were small kids, so you can imagine all the fun we had watching them. . After the National Zoo, we visited Georgetown University. , It is the oldest Catholic University in North America, which was founded in 1789. We saw some of the classrooms and chemistry/biology labs in the University, and we also visited the basketball gym, where some of the NBA player jerseys of the university alumni were exhibited. That afternoon, we went to Rockville town square, where we played cards while listening to live American music. Finally, we had dinner at one of the best burger restaurants in Washington.

Day 6 highlights
Today we went to the Natural History Museum, where we learned about the different species of our world and their main characteristics. We also watched how to save elephant and chimpanzees species in an IMAX 3d movie.. We had lunch at the Old Post Office Building, where we had the opportunity to have an overall Washington view from an 11 stories building. Then we took time to visit the National Gallery of Art, where we appreciated the masterpieces of important artists such as Dalí, Degas, Monet, Picasso, etc. After that, we visited different memorials, where we learned about some of the highlights of American history: the Jefferson Memorial, the FDR Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, World War II Memorial, Korea Memorial, Signers of declaration of independence Memorial, and the Vietnam Memorial. We had a great time and students enjoyed learning about their culture.

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